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Product Backlog Management


This training offers Product Owners and Product Owners to-be the opportunity to dive deep into the complexity of Product Backlog Management. We show you how to build a backlog from scratch and how to handle change requests. On top of that, you discover how to prioritize “tickets” and to determine business value.

Target audience

We recommend this training to professionals with a basic understanding of Agile, but who are eager to learn best practices with respect to team and business workings.

You’re already familiar with the Agile Product Life Cycle and Scrum framework? But are you looking to expand your knowledge in managing requirements:

  • (Internal) Project Stakeholders
  • Business Analysts
  • Management
  • Team Leaders
  • Potential Product Owners

An important condition for this training is a prior experience in working in an Agile environment. You should also have a Scrum certificate or completed any other relevant Agile Fundamentals training.

Course goal

Once you complete this training, you’re capable of optimally managing and optimizing a Scrum, Product Management flow, by means of the Product management backlog.

You are now familiar with the ins & outs of Product Backlog Management and thus have a clear understanding and mastery of:

  • How to start building a Product Backlog from scratch
  • Then, Adjust, develop and manage User stories & Epics (Requirements)
  • Determine how to sustainably manage change
  • How to determine Business Value and prioritize
  • And so much more


Find here the topics of the day:

  • Components of a Product Backlog
  • Start building a Product Backlog
  • Story mapping
  • Create good User Stories
  • Backlog prioritization – Tools & Techniques
  • What is MVP and how do we determine it
  • Prioritize using the MoSCoW method
  • Determine Business Value
  • Estimation techniques throughout a project
  • Relative estimates
  • Predictability and release planning
  • What about bugs and scope creep
  • A word about sprint 0
  • I’ll know it when I see it – LegoGame
  • And of course, Q&A

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