Born business analyst

born business analyst

Born business analyst

Extrovert, sociable, always looking for the why of things: Eveline has everything a born business analyst needs. Above all, she’s living proof that at Equalminds having the right attitude is much more important than having the right diploma.

After studying socio-economic sciences at the University of Antwerp, Eveline quickly started her career with De Cronos Groep. She spent a good year working at Flexso, where she was an SAP SuccessFactors consultant. “But that wasn’t really what I wanted to do,” she says. So, with the help of a Cronos career coach, she started looking for a new position within the group, and she landed at Equalminds, where she now works as a business analyst.

A good match

“I’ve always been interested in how applications work,” says Eveline, “so I enjoy my role as a business analyst. You’re concerned with both the business that needs the application and the actual development of that application, which means you’re collaborating with the developers. That collaboration allows you to see your work taking shape, which is hugely satisfying.

“And the job is so varied. Since I started working at Equalminds, I’ve worked on several projects at different organizations.” The job is also constantly evolving. “As a business analyst, you never stand still and constantly learn. I like a challenge, and I get plenty of that here. As an analyst, you push your boundaries.”

Born business analyst

Eveline can be completely herself in her job. “My interests are very broad, but at the same time I want to get to the bottom of everything,” she says. “I want to know all the details, and I’m always asking why.” This makes Eveline an extroverted analyst who always goes deep, which is perfect for the role. “And yet I never studied for it,” she laughs. “But that’s not an obstacle. I thought you could only work in IT if you’d studied the subject. But many of my colleagues here studied something completely different.”

Naturally, as an analyst at Equalminds you get the opportunity to benefit from lots of training. “And you’re never alone, always part of a team.” But it’s true: you don’t necessarily need an IT qualification to work at Equalminds. Much more important is that you have the right attitude and ideally have some relevant experience too.

Between business and IT

Eveline recently worked on a project at HR service provider RGF Staffing. “I was the business analyst on an Agile SCRUM team. I really enjoyed that role, briefing the developer and testing his work, finding out if he understood what I meant. But also checking the results with the business and checking if I’ve understood them correctly. You’re constantly switching between customer and developer, keeping the gap between what one wants and what the other develops as small as possible.”

Eveline was also a business analyst on a project at Atlas Copco. “I find it very interesting to carry out an analysis within a well-oiled machine.” She may continue to grow in that direction: “For example as a product owner, who knows? But I would also be interested in a more strategic role, where I would take charge of the entire project. That can really boost your confidence, which would be great.” Equalminds can certainly offer her that opportunity. “But first I’m going to delve deeper into my role as a business analyst. After that, anything is possible!”

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