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Mastering Agile Excellence: Exploring Fluid Scaling Technology (FaST)

Mastering Agile Excellence: Exploring Fluid Scaling Technology (FaST)

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In the ever-evolving business and technology landscape, achieving agility and scalability is paramount. Enter Fluid Scaling Technology (FaST), a revolutionary approach to agile methodologies that promises to transform how teams navigate complexity and scale dynamically.

Join us on February 20th for an in-depth exploration of FaST, where we’ll dissect its essentials, its application in a complex world, and the powerful techniques employed in this cutting-edge framework.

During this course, we will focus on:

The Essentials of Fluid Scaling Technology

Embark on a journey into the core principles of Fluid Scaling Technology. Gain a comprehensive understanding of FaST’s foundational concepts, exploring how it seamlessly integrates fluidity and scalability into the agile framework.

Key Components of FaST

Delve into the integral components that make FaST a game-changer in agile methodologies. From dynamic resource allocation to adaptive planning, discover how each facet contributes to the agility and scalability that define FaST.

FaST in a Complex World
Explore how FaST rises to the challenge of navigating complexity in today’s business environment. Real-world examples will illustrate how FaST adapts to uncertainty, making it an ideal choice for industries facing dynamic and unpredictable landscapes.
Fluid Scaling for Agile Teams
Understand how FaST facilitates the seamless scaling of agile teams. Learn techniques and strategies for efficiently expanding and contracting teams based on project requirements, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability in various scenarios.
Techniques Employed in FaST
Dive into the techniques of agile planning within a fluid environment. Discover how FaST enables teams to adapt their plans and size in real-time, responding to changing priorities and market dynamics with agility and precision.
Fast & teal organizations
Explore how Fluid Scaling Technology (FaST) aligns with the principles of Teal Organizations, a concept popularized by Frederic Laloux. Gain insights into how both FaST and Teal share a common ground in promoting self-management, purpose-driven work, and a deep sense of wholeness among team members.


Secure your spot today and be part of a transformative learning experience that will empower you to lead your teams with unparalleled agility and scalability. Embrace the future of agile excellence with FaST!


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We are delighted to welcome you to our first Open Agile Café of 2024!

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Nicolas De Greef, Peter Heyns & Dana Garcia

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