Keep learning in my job

Keep learning in my job, that’s the most important thing

Even before Bert started working as a project manager at Equalminds, he had built up a solid technical background. But it turns out that he has a voracious appetite for knowledge — an appetite he could fully satisfy only at Equalminds. ‘Keep learning in my job’ is his motto!

“When I was younger, I was very interested in engineering,” says Bert. “But industrial engineering sciences were too theoretical for me. So I went to Howest in Kortrijk to study multimedia and communications technology. In that course, I learned a good mix of graphic techniques, programming, and networking, both theory and practice.” It was the knowledge that Bert would soon use and expand after he finished his studies.

Continuously building expertise

“At my first job, I created e-learning content as a multimedia designer and developer. So, I learned all kinds of things about everything — graphics, new technology, the internet, but also about the subjects in which we developed courses. And I picked up a lot of languages because we made localized content.”

“After that, I focused more on the interactivity of e-learning content. However, we then had to switch from Flash to HTML5 as a programming language, which was a big change.” So where did Bert see himself in five years back then? “Well, I still wanted to program, but I also wanted to manage a team.”

So, when he was offered the job of project manager, Bert jumped at it. “At first, I combined it with my role as a developer, but soon I was project managing full-time. It turned out to be a fascinating period for me. I got to meet all kinds of company leaders, who tried to explain to me as precisely as possible what message they wanted to convey.”

13 options

After four years, Bert began to think it was time for something different. “I started looking for a company where I could work with new technology such as AR and VR, but without the sales component. I had barely even sent my CV to the Cronos Group when I heard back, within a couple of days, I think. No fewer than 13 companies turned out to be interested!

“I started going through applications and I eventually started working as a project manager at Contribute, a Cronos company, that helps organizations with digital solutions. After a few months, at the beginning of 2020, I moved to Equalminds, where I still work today.”

Scrum master, project manager, and more

Bert also quickly added to his skills at Equalminds. “I took a very intensive course, which prepares you thoroughly for the role of scrum master. I was well prepared for my first assignment as a temporary scrum master for a car manufacturer.”

It turned out to be an excellent kickstart to Bert’s career at Equalminds. “I got to work with a lot of new technology. I quickly established a great connection with my colleagues at the client. The only disadvantage was the different roles, as I sometimes was both a project manager and proxy product owner. I prefer to be a little more focused.”

The click is still there

After four years, Bert still enjoys working at Equalminds, now as a project manager for Digitaal Vlaanderen. “When a project comes to an end, or when you think it’s time for something new, Equalminds always comes up with an interesting new challenge for you.” Bert works from home quite a lot but is also on-site with the customer. “I don’t see my Equalminds colleagues all that much because of this,” he says. “But I’ve still built very close, friendly relationships with my colleagues. Even though we don’t meet in person very often, the team is still very close.

“I’ve been working at Digitaal Vlaanderen for over three years now, but I still really enjoy it. Why? Because I’m still learning new things all the time, something that’s always easier to do when you’re working in a specialized sector. Equalminds regularly asks me if I’m still enjoying the assignment and whether I feel like I’m learning enough. This is important because it’s what allows me to still meet Digital Vlaanderen’s needs with passion.”

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