The all-rounder is back (although they never really left)

The all-rounder is back (although they never really left)

Highly specialized profiles will always be in demand in the ICT sector. While anyone who has in-depth knowledge of a specific technology doesn’t have to fear for their job, recently there has been a growing interest in broader, more generalist profiles. So, the demand for all-rounders is clearly on the increase again. The all-rounder is back!

For Equalminds, this means looking for colleagues who are more than just analysts. For example, they might also be project managers. Or they might specialize in agile methods or be very well versed technically. We’ve hit the jackpot if they can boast that entire package of knowledge and competencies.

Versatile talents

It’s a given that organizations evolve based on the demands of their customers. It’s the customers’ needs and wants that ultimately determine growth. To continue our current pace of growth in the coming years, we are now looking for people who are genuine all-rounders. We emphasize a wide range of skills because they fit very well into teams. That way, we cover multiple customer needs at the same time. A PM who can also perform basic analysis is more useful than a PM who performs pure management.

Don’t get us wrong: specialists with in-depth knowledge of technologies or specific sectors will always be welcome. There will always be people who prefer to go for depth rather than breadth, which allows them to excel in their niche. However, it’s no longer so easy to match those profiles with customers’ needs. Less easy, but certainly not impossible, and we’ve seen plenty of examples of this in-house.

Investing in people

In our search for all-round profiles, we not only look outward but also inward. We want our existing colleagues to evolve in the same versatile direction through training and other initiatives, such as events and seminars. That is if they’re open to it. We find it very important that our colleagues remain happy in their jobs — because you can’t grow with unhappy people.

We plan to increase our training budget next year significantly. This way we can also offer our existing employees every opportunity to build a broader arsenal of skills and keep up with our rapidly changing business. But anyone who wants to push their knowledge of Agile — the flexible, practical method that has allowed us to shine in the ICT market for many years — to the next level, will still be able to benefit from that budget.

What’s in it for you?

The professional versatility we strive for doesn’t only benefit our customers or Equalminds as a company. As a staff member, you also reap the benefits. To start with, you become much more employable, which can only benefit your job security. And constant challenges keep you as an IT professional on your toes and up to date. This way your work remains interesting because ultimately, nothing beats a new challenge from time to time. Nobody wants to get stuck in a rut, right?

Are you also convinced that the all-rounder is back? Interested in joining our team and contributing to our growth in the coming years? Then we’d love to hear from you!

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