Open Agile Café – Hybrid Project Management

Lego Serious Play – Workshop Organizational Development
December 14, 2014
The Quest For Agility
July 12, 2016

Our second open Agile (17/03/2016) was  to be called a success.  We had the fortune of having a public with a wide variety of knowledge in Agile and Project Management which creates a perfect atmosphere for on the side discussions and in-depth questioning.  I really love those sessions.

Even though Agile is an extremely powerful methodology within a development environment, the management rarely wants to/can implement Agile for the full 100%. They still need a governance, especially in the larger projects.

The idea of the session was to explain (on a practical point of view) why and how you can combine a “Classic” project governance and an Agile development team.  Doing so you combine the best of both worlds :

  • The vision, clear path and reporting from the “classic” world
  • The collaboratively, flexible and fast way of working with Agile

I could write an entire blogpost about this session, but one of the participants Geert Moreau already did a great job at it and I am just going to refer you in this case to this blog.


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