Product Backlog Management



This training offers Product Owners and Product Owners to-be the opportunity to dive deep into the complexity of managing a Product Backlog. You’ll learn how to build a backlog from scratch as well as how to handle change requests and more. You’ll discover how to prioritize “tickets” and determine business value.

By completing this training you’ll be capable of optimally managing and optimizing a Scrum, Product Management flow, by means of the Product management backlog.

Target Audience
This training is recommended for all those familiar with the Agile Product Life Cycle and Scrum framework as well as those looking to expand their knowledge in managing requirements, meaning:

  • Project stakeholders (Intern)
  • Business analysts
  • Management
  • Team leaders
  • Potential product owners

A prerequisite for this training is a prior experience in working in an Agile environment, being in possession of a Scrum certificate or having completed any other relevant Agile Fundamentals training.

Course Goal
After having completed this training, you’ll be familiar with the ins & outs of Product Backlog Management and thus have a clear understanding and mastery of:

  • How to start building a Product Backlog from scratch
  • Adjust, develop and manage User stories & Epics (Requirements)
  • Determine how to sustainably manage change
  • How to determine Business Value and prioritise
Full day – Food & drinks Incl.

A short summary of the schedule below:

  • Components of a Product Backlog
  • How to start building a Product Backlog
  • Story mapping
  • How to create good User Stories
  • Backlog prioritisation – Tools & Techniques
  • What is MVP and how do we determine it
  • Prioritize using the MoSCoW method
  • Determining Business Value
  • Estimation techniques throughout a project
  • Relative estimates
  • Predictability and release planning
  • What about bugs and scope creep
  • A word about sprint 0
  • I’ll know it when I see it - LegoGame
  • Q&A
    Kris Vunckx

    Agile Coach at Equalminds, an Agile Coaching & Consultancy organization with over 10 years of experience working as an Agile Coach. In organizations such as:
    AG Insurance / Isabel / Belfius / Hubo / Eandis /Ageas, Ravago and more.

    As a senior professional Kris aims to share his knowledge and experience in what he’s experienced to be effective in practice and what isn’t. Knowledge and experience translated in trainings that have been continuously fine-tuned and tweaked repeatedly, ensuring you receive the best and most relevant knowledge and tools.
Practical info

    Upon request.

    Food and Drinks
    Food and Drinks are included into the price.

    It must be noted that this course is in Dutch.

    Equalminds HQ
    Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 - First Floor