Scrum Essentials



This interactive workshop on the Essentials of Scrum offers an introduction to Scrum, an Agile Framework. Using this framework that, that serves as the core of Scrum, you’ll be able to redesign your project approach in a way suitable for operating in markets with high volatility, disruption and customer demands. Scrum offers tools and principles necessary to manage projects in which there is a high level of uncertainty and risk involved effectively. Helping the organisations to define the necessary steps to take and respond adaptively in its execution.

We’ll dive deeper into the core principles of Scrum, whose roots can be found in Empiricism. Scrum is an iterative process with a focus on optimising predictability and managing risk. It is founded on 3 pillars that enable this being, Transparency, self-control, and responsiveness to changing requirements. Through the application of these 3 core principles, it is possible to better manage risk and deliver on projects in which there is a large amount of uncertainty.
Target Audience
This training offers a straight-to-the-point practical introduction, filled with tools and cases, of Scrum. For those looking to manage a project in a way that is more focused on managing risk and changing requirements. Either due to market changes, disruption, scarcity of job applicants or otherwise.

This training offers a Practical framework accessible to all who has little to no knowledge of Scrum or Agile:

  • Corporate leaders
  • Management
  • Team leaders
  • Developers
  • Analysts
Course Goal
By completing this training you’ll have the skills to know when your team organisation will benefit from scrum and how. You’ll posess the react to market changes as they happen and learn how to better manage risk.

In effect you’ll learn:

  • What Scrum is (from start to finish)
  • What is needed to make Scrum work and get results
  • Agile/Scrum Principles translated into practice
  • How to capture requirements in Scrum
  • How to manage resistances
Full day – Food & drinks Incl.

Cases straight from the field – interactive and practical – Tools / Handouts – Q & A

A short summary of the schedule of the day:

    An overview of Scrum
    • Scrum lifecycle – overview
      • ▫ Scrum versus Waterfall – Iterative/incremental – Hybrid
        ▫ The Scrum Flow, step by step
        ▫ Key activities
    • Agile manifesto in practice
      • ▫ How it makes the difference in working Agile
    Scrum Framework
    • Sprint 0, what is it and how does it contribute to project delivery
    • Planning negotiations, the definition of ready and done, agreements to be made
    • Roles and responsibilities in Scrum teams, the when, how, and why
    • Ceremonies and how they work
    • Artefacts
      • ▫ Epics and User-stories, your project requirements and deliverables, short and sweet
        ▫ Retrospectives and how they help your team improve
        ▫ Product Backlog, a clear overview of project requirements
    Follow-up on technical implementation
    • Tools and methodologies
    Kris Vunckx

    Agile Coach at Equalminds, an Agile Coaching & Consultancy organization with over 10 years of experience working as an Agile Coach. In organizations such as:
    AG Insurance / Isabel / Belfius / Hubo / Eandis /Ageas, Ravago and more.

    As a senior professional Kris aims to share his knowledge and experience in what he’s experienced to be effective in practice and what isn’t. Knowledge and experience translated in trainings that have been continuously fine-tuned and tweaked repeatedly, ensuring you receive the best and most relevant knowledge and tools.
Practical info

    Upon request.

    Food and Drinks
    Food and Drinks are include into the price.

    It must be noted that this course is in Dutch.

    Equalminds HQ
    Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 - First Floor