The Quest For Agility

Open Agile Café – Hybrid Project Management
April 22, 2016
Summer of Technology
July 12, 2016

At Equalminds we strive for Agility and it was bound to happen that we would create an app that teaches you a thing or two.
So what we tried to do is to create an app where you can test your knowledge about Scrum in a scrum format. Yes, we don’t only put your knowledge to the test, but we also show you in the app how Scrum “really” works.
Throughout the game you will see different aspects :

  • Product Backlog
  • Review Meeting
  • Retrospective meeting Meeting
  • Burnup-chart
  • Velocity

Of course the game is not the sole purpose of the app. The app has a News Feed of Equalminds where you can find the last news (website and twitter) immediatly without having to look for it.
We also intend to implement a knowledge base, but this is still under construction. We wouldn’t be agile if we would deliver an app witch was competely finished.
For now there is only an iOS version, but the team is working really hard to get an Android version too.

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