Agile for HR



Agile for HR is an interactive workshop specifically designed for you as HR and the organisation you support.

As an HR professional, you’ll learn what the agile mindset is and how this contributes to achieving different HR objectives and supports different departments. We’ll help you get a clear grip on the concept of agile working, leadership, motivation, communication, as well as agile rewarding.

This workshop will help you If you’re looking to improve the way recruitment processes are managed, talent management is done or are simply looking to improve internal collaboration and employee motivation. You can expect to learn more about how to manage Agile recruitment and look for candidates that exemplify agility. Made to measure for organisations where requirements shift continuously and innovative talents are hard to get by

The focus of this workshop lies in helping you make the shift to the agile mindset, as well as bringing structure to your department, and business. Thus, improving how agile teams work and handle changes.

Target Audience
This workshop is designed for HR professionals working in a fast-paced and innovative business, and who are looking to set a new standard in their organisation, for collaboration and decision-making centered on agility. “Agile for HR” is especially relevant for organisations in either IT, Consultancy, Engineering as well as any other branch that might be experiencing a large amount of change.

As HR, you’ll receive a hands-on training in the Agile framework in a format that teaches you the intricacies of people management, communication and agile organisational structurings.

A training especially relevant to those in HR looking to improve how performance management is handled, employee growth is stimulated, or are simply looking to optimise the agility of teams and individuals:

  • Freelance Recruiters
  • HR Business Partner
  • Learning & Development Manager
  • Performance management Officer
  • Training management
  • Team leaders
  • Career angels
Course Goal
This interactive training offers a deeper acquaintance with the mind-set, values and workings of agile through Kanban.
You’ll learn tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and deeper insights, straight from the field on the inner workings of Kanban.
Insights that are key to achieving a successful Kanban implementation and maximising the value for the organisation and optimal utilisation of resources.

You’ll master the most important and essential Frameworks for an effective Agile organisation and learn to better manage the changing workloads in HR more effectively

You’ll learn:

  • The values and principles Kanban
  • How to structure Kanban in support of agility
  • Do’s and don’ts from the field
  • Identifying and solving workflow bottlenecks
  • How to deliver value, on changing requirements, with Kanban
  • Setting and managing Kanban KPI’s
  • The importance of a Kanban board
Full day – Food & drinks Incl.

A short summary of the schedule of the day:

  • Introduction
  • What is Agile
  • Agile for HR
    • ▫ Agile Principles
      ▫ Organizational structures and Agile principles
      ▫ Role & team responsibilities
      ▫ Evaluations
      ▫ Leadership in agile
      ▫ Goal setting
      ▫ Basic Human desires
      ▫ Motivation
      ▫ The how-to guide to evaluations
      ▫ Recruitment processes for recruiting talented innovative thinkers
      ▫ Learning and Development
  • Q & A
    Kris Vunckx

    Agile Coach at Equalminds, an Agile Coaching & Consultancy organization with over 10 years of experience working as an Agile Coach. In organizations such as:
    AG Insurance / Isabel / Belfius / Hubo / Eandis /Ageas, Ravago and more.

    As a senior professional Kris aims to share his knowledge and experience in what he’s experienced to be effective in practice and what isn’t. Knowledge and experience translated in trainings that have been continuously fine-tuned and tweaked repeatedly, ensuring you receive the best and most relevant knowledge and tools.
Practical info

    Upon request.

    Food and Drinks
    Food and Drinks are included into the price.

    It must be noted that this course is in Dutch.

    Equalminds HQ
    Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 - First Floor