Kanban Training



Kanban for Teams - has been purposefully designed to help you become familiar with what Kanban is. In these interactive workshops, you’ll learn the how, when and where of applying Kanban within your work environment.

The implementation of Kanban however, is only the first step towards a more responsive way of working. This way of working serves as a transition to Agile. It increases the visibility of work, predictability, and furthers smooth project realisations.

This interactive training offers an in-depth familiarisation with the mindset, values, and way of working of with Kanban. You’ll learn tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, learned straight from doing kanban in practice. Insights, indispensable to the successful implementation and utilisation of Kanban, which will help you maximise the value to your organisation, and utilisation of your organisation's resources.

Target Audience
This training offers a straight-to-the-point practical introduction to Kanban for everyone looking to manage their ‘work’ more effectively. Regardless of whether it may be for a team, department or the organisation, Kanban can help those looking for simplicity, a clear overview, and easy prioritisation.

This training offers a practical framework accessible to all of you who have little to no knowledge of Scrum or Agile, roles to which this has been of value are:

  • Corporate leaders
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Team leaders
  • Developers
  • Testers

Course Goal
Once having completed this training you’ll have mastered one of the most important frameworks and tools that are key to applying Scrum in your organisation effectively. Managing ‘work’ in your organisation will pose no trouble, having learned:

  • The values and principles of Kanban
  • How to structure Kanban
  • Do’s and don’ts from the field
  • Identifying and solving workflow bottlenecks
  • How to derive value from Kanban in disruptive environments
  • Kanban KPI’s
  • The importance of a Kanban board
Full day – Food & drinks Incl.

A short summary of the schedule of the day:

  • Agile frameworks
  • The aim of KanBan
  • The KanBan values
  • Lean principles and “waste”
  • The factory game
  • Why KanBan
  • Set-up van KanBan boards
  • Roles in KanBan
  • Lead time and Cycle time
  • Little’s law
  • Diagrams
  • Questions from the field:
      ▫ KanBan and retrospectives?
      ▫ KanBan versus Scrum
      ▫ A team’s learning phases
      ▫ The transition from KanBan towards Scrum
      ▫ Story Points in KanBan?
  • Q & A
    Kris Vunckx

    Agile Coach at Equalminds, an Agile Coaching & Consultancy organization with over 10 years of experience working as an Agile Coach. In organizations such as:
    AG Insurance / Isabel / Belfius / Hubo / Eandis /Ageas, Ravago and more.

    As a senior professional Kris aims to share his knowledge and experience in what he’s experienced to be effective in practice and what isn’t. Knowledge and experience translated in trainings that have been continuously fine-tuned and tweaked repeatedly, ensuring you receive the best and most relevant knowledge and tools.
Practical info

    Upon request.

    Food and Drinks
    Food and Drinks are included into the price.

    It must be noted that this course is in Dutch.

    Equalminds HQ
    Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 - First Floor