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Open Agile Café

Agile cafés are the place you go when you’re looking to relax after a long day’s work and discuss your Agile knowledge with other Agile professionals, over a coffee, and a bite to eat.
We open a casual get-together and kick-off with a few words on the chosen topic, so as to continue with a fun exercise or interactive discussion.

These topics are often defined in tandem with other Agile professionals, and have lead to some interesting insights on topics such as:
  • Portfoliomanagement
  • Coaching skills in Agile
  • Communication styles, an in-depth look at the range and content of different styles
And no, we DON’T do slide only-shows 😉.
That’s for dull boardrooms, not an EQM Meetup or workshop.

Interested? Looking to ask your questions on the topic or share your expertise?
Let us know!

Next Open Agile Café

Business-IT alignment
Date: To be determined (somewhere in Q1 2020)
Time: 18.00 - 21.00 (Sandwiches will be available at 17.30)
Location: Equalminds HQ (1st floor, Prins Boudewijnlaan 43, Edegem)
Trainer: Miranda Molemans & Gerrit De Kepper

Tailormade workshops

Applying the Agile Mantra

Inspect and adapt! We take great pride in the positive feedback we receive from customers and delegates. We value feedback so we can keep on improving our training solutions.

Covering the Bigger Picture

Our trainings are part of your bigger picture. How will your learnings fit into the culture of your organisation? We’ll help you to implement and achieve optimum results.

Creating the Right Blend

You and your team will have your own unique needs and often pressing timescales. We combine classroom training, remote training and “training on the job”, as suits you best. On top of that, through coaching and consultancy we can ensure the training you receive becomes embedded in your organisation as well.

Our Style

We think differently, question everything, and create solutions that work immediately. Our courses are designed to keep you focused and stimulated, relying on the trainer’s expertise rather than the joys of PowerPoint. We put the emphasis on the practical rather than the theory, the exercise rather than the slides, the fun rather than the dull and worthy. We want you and your team to learn in a positive interactive environment that caters for all styles of learning.

Equalminds offers agile courses, designed to transform your working practices,
whether you'd like a one-day overview or a course lasting the whole week.
Our in-house training is designed to be dynamic, interactive and fun, to make an immediate impact, and above all to deliver results.
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