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Every successful organization runs smoothly with teamwork in the workplace. But teamwork involves people working together to solve problems across departments, management, and functions. So, what about us?

Let’s not manage, let’s collaborate!

A group has more power and impact than one single person. On top of that, working in teams enables people to share knowledge and work more efficiently.

Each member is an asset that team members can leverage to make better and smarter decisions. Eventually, co-working in teams promotes healthy relationships. And healthy relationships lead to better teamwork and overall productivity.

When people work together openly, processes and goals become more aligned. Which leads the organization towards one common goal. With the strong competition in the market nowadays, it has become crucial to enhance collaboration between departments and teams.

How can we build strong teams together, so that you as an organization reach that next level? Let’s see if we have a match! Because the success of a project is highly influenced by the project team delivering it.


Knowing your personal values gives you tons of benefits, such as clear focus, strong direction, and greater self-awareness. So, when we defined our company values, we wrote them down to help us prioritize. We do business accordingly and enjoy the benefits listed above every single day. Because it directs us towards our main goal: deliver high-quality solutions while building a strong bond with our clients. Talking about us!

Transparent Communicators
Pragmatic Approach
Sharing knowledge
True Can-doers

About us: our Vision

We strongly believe that business value drives projects.

It sets the tone for our organization. And it shows that we want to align business analysis, project management, and LEAN Agile collaboration. So that your teams get the ability to improve, grow and respond to any change.

We listen to your business needs. And after that, we just slot in with your staff and they will be forever swift.

More about us: our mission

From vision to capacity to organizational and project improvement, we build the bridge between business and ICT.

Let us mix teamwork and self-development within your organization. Together we make a plan. That will guide you to the next level of Agile collaboration. Contact us to know even more about us!

  • From idea to working project approach
  • Practical rather than theoretical
  • Combining the best of both worlds
  • Incremental change, inside-out
  • Targeted agile coaching
  • Up-to-date knowledge
Nicolas D. G.
Senior Project Manger

“Collaboration and knowledge sharing are not just buzzwords at Equalminds.
It’s a way of working and improving each other!”

Miranda M.
Managing Partner

“Being involved in the customer’s Journey, gives a lot of satisfaction! 
And that is exactly what we do at Equalminds.”

Johan B.
Senior Consultant

“At Equalminds you can be yourself! 
Great knowledge sharing – Great team –  Great Fun! ”

Our History

Believing, achieving

Equalminds was founded in 2012 by Luc Segers & Stefaan Vermael, based on a mutual passion for Agile project management.

In 2015 Bjorn Conjaerts stepped in and gave the team a boost towards Portfolio management and Agile coaching.

Miranda Molemans took over the helm in 2017. She added business process management and operational processes to the Equalminds’ portfolio.

Today, we are convinced that workplaces should strongly promote self-management, continuous improvement, and high morale.
All combined with a learning culture.


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