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We slot in with your teams to make it happen. Our experts cover your business-critical needs. They are incredibly hands-on. Through analysis, project management, and coaching, they strive for operational excellence in your organization. Find our different profiles below.


Analysts gather, interpret, and use complex data to develop actionable steps that improve processes and optimize results. Day-to-day, it’s their job to assess company and client needs, review robust information, and analyze it, looking for trends or areas for improvement.

Our analysts bridge the gap between business stakeholders and IT teams by gathering and translating requirements into actionable plans.


Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts help you put into words the business requirements that the business community places on ICT. They ensure that business needs are properly formulated, specified, and agreed upon. Communicating these requirements with IT will ensure that the business gets what it needs. By acting as a bride between the two, they will help close the IT Business gap that plagues so many organizations.


Business Process Analyst

Our business process analysts are our experts in mapping your operational processes and your customer’s journeys, clarifying potential bottlenecks and pains. They listen to your needs and value your job to be done. Their strength is to provide you with a focus in order to guide you towards an improved organization while trying to get both management and staff on board. The work of a business process analyst will help businesses and ICT set out a common long-term roadmap that will guarantee success for both.


Functional Analyst

Unlike a business analyst, a functional analyst focuses on technology instead of business requirements. The combination of technical skills, know-how, and general analytic skills ensures that our functional analysts will lay out a solution that fits business and ICT. In short, functional analysts will optimize the interaction between the user and the system under construction so the system fits the problem at hand.


Agilists practice and advocate for the principles and values of Agile methodologies in software development and other work areas. Agile methodologies prioritize flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement to deliver high-quality results quickly and efficiently.

Our Agilists work closely with your teams and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement, implement Agile methodologies, and ensure that your organization can effectively respond to changing demands.


Proxy Product Owner

Maintaining and prioritizing a product backlog can be challenging, especially if the business value, complexity, and impact of backlog items are different for a large number of stakeholders. Our proxy product owners specialize in managing backlogs and conveying them to the development team so the team can plan their sprints properly and deliver a product as required by the business. With our experts in your team, you can be assured that different stakeholders are well-represented and decisions on backlog issues will be well-founded.


SCRUM Master

SCRUM Masters are key for cultivating and improving Agile teams and their output. By facilitating scrum ceremonies and eliminating obstacles for the team they help improve agile culture and team dynamic. Our experts guarantee that Agile values and principles are present within the team. Furthermore, they make sure that the processes and practices -agreed upon by the team- are used. In short, they perform all the work needed to build a high-functioning SCRUM team.


Agile Coach

An Agile organization is never finished and there is always room for improvement. Our Agile coaches help teams improve their estimates and forecasts. They make sure that retrospectives run smoothly and that Agile practices are lived by the team. With their years of Agile experience, our experts support teams and team leaders to continuously improve their working methods. By including non-ICT colleagues across all levels of your organization, an Agile coach levels up your Agile way of working.


Project Manager

Our project managers keep track of high-level business cases, reply to change requirements requests, report on the progress of projects to project boards and C-level, etc. They coach multiple teams and manage projects, providing long-term project roadmaps and budget tracking. They perform classical PM duties with an Agile mindset. In short, our project managers inject and promote Agile into your classic project approach.

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