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While we walk the landscape of trends and tech, we meet your unique solution. We mix teamwork and self-development so that you can improve, grow and respond to any change. And most of all, we listen. And after that, we deliver you value and you will be forever swift. Discover our services! Let us increase your current Agility. From vision to capacity to organizational and project improvement. Together we will make a plan that will guide you to the next level. We help you define the strategy, we are happy to take you through the transformation and we prepare you to fly solo. Are you ready to take off?

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At Equalminds, we offer different types of collaboration. Besides outsourcing our staff for long-term projects, we facilitate you in any stage of your projects or day-to-day operations. To make it easy for you to call in the help you need, we set up different packages to choose from. Each package is tailored to your specific needs. More importantly, they provide new insights to help you succeed. Discover our services!

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Cup of coffee

schedule2 hours

  • Your organization
  • Your goals
  • Challenges to tackle
  • How can we help

Get straight on your needs

Discovery Sprint

schedule2 weeks

  • Management perspective
  • Operations perspective
  • Pains and gains
  • Opportunities

Shed light on your options

Deep Dive

schedule2 months

  • Requirements gathering
  • Impact analysis
  • LEAN alternatives
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Select your training

Are you in need of extra knowledge? Would you like to learn more tips & tricks from the field? Are you searching for new insights or help in self-development? We are happy to help you reach that next level!

Agile approach

Identifying ‘As is’

Needs assessment

With an end-to-end approach, we align your business and IT. Through process analysis and a LEAN Agile maturity check we provide you better insight in your work units as well as jobs-to-be-done.

Ideating ‘To be’

Proposal forming

Via strategic workshops with C-level, management, staff and users, we design your potential services and possible solutions. Authenticity and business impact is fully guaranteed here.

Planning of ‘To Be’

Project initiation

We outline your roadmap and backlog, and define a customized project approach. We ensure transparent decision making, effective risk management and quality of milestones.

Follow-up of ‘To Be’

Project execution

Next, we analyze in detail, clarify and facilitate the rhythm for development and testing. With appropriate governance and tools, we focus on adding value and adhering the program.

True collaboration

Agile coaching

Through pilot teams or scaling Agile, our coaches help you how to encourage creativity, deal with the complexity and cope with dependancies. While supporting your staff in their tasks.


Being involved in the customer’s Journey, gives a lot of satisfaction! And that is exactly what we do at Equalminds.

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