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Agile Café: The mindset of a UX-designer

You can build the best application in the world, but without a good user experience, no one will ever use it. User Experience (UX) is the key factor that gets often neglected.

Let’s be honest, how many SCRUM teams have someone with UX experience on board? Almost none. Often, this role is filled in by a project manager, a (proxy) product owner, or an analyst.
Next question: how do you start with a UX design?  In this Agile Café, we dive into the mind of a UX-er. What does he think? How does he interact with the stakeholder? What tools does he use? And so much more.
Together with an experienced UX-designer, we will try to answer these questions in our usual interactive way. Do you want to learn the importance of proper user UX expertise in a team? Make sure to join us!

This workshop is for analysts, project managers, or anyone working in teams without a UX-er. Or for those who have a UX-er, but want to understand him better.


  • The mindset of a UX-designer in theory
  • Case study UX-design: tasks of a UX-er when tackling a project
  • Hands-on exercises for working with stakeholders
  • Tips and tricks for stakeholder management
  • Figma for non-UX-ers: high-level intro to Figma
  • Making fast and lightweight digital wireframes
  • Sharing wireframes with your team
  • Remote collaboration and gathering feedback with Figma
  • Prototyping your user experience using Figma


Everybody is welcome on Thursday, 20 September 2022
This workshop takes place in our offices – Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 – 2650 Edegem – first floor @ Fieldside
We offer sandwiches and drinks at 17.00 and start the workshop at 17.30

Fun and interactive as always 😉


  • Jeroen Pets – Digital strategist and UX-architect at Fieldside

Looking forward to meeting you at our Agile Café: The mindset of a UX-designer!

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