Get more out of your IT project thanks to Business Process Management

business process management

Get more out of your IT project thanks to Business Process Management

A complete IT assessment of an organization costs a lot of time and money, and the action plan is often much too heavy and may even have a paralyzing effect on your business. It might interest you that a much smaller investment in an agile approach leads to concrete results much faster. Discover our Business Process Management point of view!

Equalminds specializes in agile coaching and consultancy. We make sure that customers’ business and IT teams work together efficiently. We do this by looking at IT from a business process management (BPM) point of view. When you want to improve an operational process, you first look at where the needs are and tackle them in a targeted way. In IT consulting unfortunately it does not always work like that.

An IT project rarely starts with a blank sheet. You arrive at an organization that’s been around for some time and already has an idea of the goals it wants to achieve through digitization. As an IT consultant, you’re often not involved in a project from the very beginning. By the time you’re called in to help, the scope might lack focus. In this situation, the agile approach combined with BPM is the ideal way to flesh out the scope of a project and set the right priorities.

Looking for the real pain points

Let’s say your organization has mapped out all its processes, identified bottlenecks, and drawn up an action plan for sustainable improvement — but in practice, it is a lot to act upon. We can smooth out this situation for you by running a few workshops, helping you gain insight into the views of both management and your operational teams, to start focusing successfully on the real pain points.

At Equalminds we’re good at this: identifying needs in a short period of time and defining tangible actions. Our agile approach is an essential ingredient. A classic screening takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. It also produces an action plan that’s far too unwieldy and ends up causing the team to shy away from tackling the real challenges. With the agile approach, the next move is always clear. It’s a way of working that feels more like discovery, with fast insights leading to fast action.

People, processes, tools

Ultimately, the challenges are the same for every company. We must all strive for business and IT alignment and meet the challenges of the VUCA world. To tackle this we use technology, but technology is evolving at lightning speed and the choice is immense. Regardless of these challenges, companies’ objectives remain unchanged. It’s all about gaining efficiency, increasing flexibility, and automating effectively.

To achieve this, collaboration is essential. People, processes, and tools must connect seamlessly and contribute together to the business goals you want to achieve. That’s precisely what allows you to pivot quickly when the market demands it. During the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis, there was a sudden surge in demand for disinfectant gel. Companies that could immediately deploy the right people, processes, and tools quickly brought a product to the market and capitalized.

Discovery sprint

But how do you prepare your business to respond with such speed? A discovery sprint can bring clarity. We help you look at the situation outside in and inside out. By facilitating a couple of workshops with a focus on your people, processes, and tools, and by slotting in a variety of expertise, we give you the chance to reveal the pain points and to align. Based on the input of the two days with management and your staff members you get an actionable report that details realistic expectations and quick wins that are within your reach.

Within three weeks, you’ll be ready for the actual implementation, and for this, you can rely on the expertise of the extended Cronos ecosystem, through Equalminds. One of the big advantages of this method is that, as an external party, we can help you think outside the box and provide honest feedback where an organization might struggle to obtain it themselves. By working in an agile way around business and IT alignment — according to the principles of business process management — you’ll go from ‘as is’ to ‘to be’ in small, clear steps.

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