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How Lean 6Sigma improves your project

How LEAN 6Sigma improves your project

How Lean 6Sigma improves your project

Free online Open Agile Café: “How Lean 6Sigma improves your project”

People are born problem solvers and tend to immediately come up with solutions. So, when you struggle with your operations, a digitalization project might be a response to your problem. You discuss a scope and a plan, get the budget granted, and set the team. The project looks already promising! 
However, problem-solving takes time, because its complexity is always underestimated at first. You need to respect some pace, phases, iterations, and touchpoints to work towards the right solution. How do you tackle this?

How can Lean 6Sigma tricks improve your project? Or how can you effectively solve a problem and serve the long term?

Are you already acquainted with DMAIC, VOC, CTQ, PDCA, etc.? Just listing a bunch of abbreviations.

Did you hear of Gemba, value stream mapping, Pareto, Muda, 5S, fishbone, and red-tagging?

In this workshop, we train you how to effectively use some Lean 6sigma tricks. That way, you get familiar with the scope and interests of a project. You discover the importance of sharing your knowledge with teammates and stakeholders. And, of course, you strive for alignment and work towards the same goals.
You can solve any problem and learn every trick. But keep in mind though, that solutions are not the start of your project; they’re the outcome! So, take your time. Come and listen, and let us share our knowledge with you.
Feel free to join our online Open Agile Café via Teams. Fun and interactive as always
Speakers: Nicolas De Greef and Miranda Molemans.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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