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Agile approach for low-code projects?

Is the Agile approach best fit for low-code projects?
Is the Agile approach best fit for low-code projects?

Agile approach for low-code projects

Agile methods of working are seeping into every crevice of day-to-day business operations, especially in ICT.  The ICT environment itself is changing at an increasing pace.  One of the new trends in ICT is low-code development, using technologies such as Oracle APEX and Mendix. Both trends are trying to solve inherent problems and make it easy to deliver business value fast.  But when two changes meet, one must ask if they are compatible with each other. Because problem-solving takes time because its complexity is always underestimated at first. You need to respect some pace, phases, iterations, and touchpoints to work towards the right solution. How do you tackle this? What about the Agile approach for low-code projects?

Can analysts or product owners follow such rapid development?

Might project managers or scrum masters help in finding the right pace?

Is it possible for developers to easily switch project in low-coding mode?

In this workshop, we will take a look at what entails low-code and its advantages compared to traditional frameworks. After that, we will take the business analyst to look at this trend and find out what this means from their point of view. Finally, we will try to bring the two together trying to find a way to co-exist.


  • What is low-code? By an Oracle APEX example 
  • Pros & Con’s of low-code
  • Low-code from an analyst, project manager, or tester point of view
  • Solution for both developer and project governance

Location anD time

Welcome on Thursday, 24 March 2022!
Our offices – Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 – 2650 Edegem – first floor.
We offer sandwiches and drinks at 17.00 and start the workshop at 17.30.

Fun and interactive as always


  • Filip Huysmans – Contribute
  • Miranda Molemans – Equalminds

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Team Equalminds & Team Contribute


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