Looking back and looking forward

looking back and looking forward

Looking back and looking forward

Doing agile project management, business and functional analysis, and agile consulting, that’s what we are good at. With this knowledge and our practical experience, we want to help you even better. Team Equalminds came together at the end of February, looking back and looking forward!

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Sadly, we still see that projects often don’t run smoothly because of

  • Different interests within the organization
  • Little insight into end-to-end processes
  • Lack of focus and joint approach

Agile working stands for flexibility and speed in project work. But this does not mean that a clear goal and a good plan for cooperation are not needed. It means that it requires preparation and Equalminds can help you with that!

Discovery Sprint

With a Discovery Sprint, we help you to identify the real needs within your organization. Only three workshops with business units, ICT, and management will show whether the vision is supported within the culture. It will also prove how transparent the collaboration is. At the same time, It will pinpoint where processes run smoothly and targets are not achieved. Finally, it will let you see where automation or digitization can be useful. After a sprint of two weeks, we will guide you to ‘an organization with requirements’.

Deep Dive

We like to go one step further. With a Deep Dive, we help to prepare you for successful project execution, even before a project is involved. This starts with mapping the business processes and identifying alternative improved processes. And proceeds to technological solutions in collaboration with our fellow developers, estimating resources. Finally, we compare scenarios to a possible and realistic phased plan. And we call it a realistic phased project plan’, because, during the two-month study, all stakeholders and the necessary experts are given a say. That creates support.

Of course, you as an organization choose the solution yourself. We strive for substantiated decisions. Once you’ve decided, we help with analysis, project management, agile coaching & training. More on that next time!

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