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The Flow and Zen of Agile Works at our Agile Café

The Flow and Zen of Agile Works

The Flow and Zen of Agile Works

Dear partner

Here’s something else. How Agile thoughts are intertwined with the philosophies of Japanese martial arts and Zen Buddhism. And there’s a pinch of Daoism too.

In this interactive Open Agile Café, Francis Laleman, who teaches at the London SCRUM Academy, but was once a student of Buddhist monasticism and wandered forest paths in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Japan, helps us re-establish the pillars of Agile frameworks as mere symptoms of what he calls the natural way.

Francis now resides in Singapore, where he helps social workers in Southeast Asia become gentle and Agile facilitators of transformation and change. In this work, he mostly offers games and other structures and activities of resourceful exformation.

Prepare for a deep and transformative voyage with plenty of fun and takeaways that are ready for you to apply in your everyday life and work.


  • First things first
  • Then the next thing
  • All together and everything at the same time
  • Playfully there
  • Review
  • Retrospective
  • Time for some social space


You are most welcome on Tuesday, 27 June 2023, in our offices – Prins Boudewijnlaan 43 – 2650 Edegem – first floor @ Fieldside.

We offer food and drinks at 17:00. The workshop starts at 17:30 end finishes around 20:00.

Fun and interactive as always


  • The speaker is Francis Laleman – Agile communities
  • Language is Dutch
  • This workshop is free of charge


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We are delighted to welcome you to our second Open Agile Café of 2023!

Warm regards

Nicolas De Greef & Francis Laleman

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