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Kanban training

Discover how you manage, measure, structure, and follow up on your teams’ to-do’s, work in progress, and more during our Kanban training.


This course has been designed to help you become familiar with Kanban. In this interactive workshop, you learn the how, when, and where to apply Kanban within your work environment.

The implementation, however, is only the first step towards a more responsive way of working. This way of working serves as a transition to Agile. It increases the visibility of work, and predictability, and furthers smooth project realizations.

This interactive training gets you familiar with the mindset, values, and way of working with Kanban. You learn tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, straight from real practitioners. You get insights, which are indispensable for the successful implementation and use of Kanban. Which will help you maximize the value to your organization and the use of your organization’s resources.

Target audience

We recommend this training to professionals who manage a team, a department, or workflows. Are you looking to increase agility, clarity, and focus?

This training offers a practical introduction to those who are searching to manage their work efficiently. Whether it is for a team, a department, or an entire firm, Kanban helps those looking for simplicity, a clear overview, and easy prioritization.

This training offers a practical framework to whom has little to no knowledge of Scrum or Agile. Roles to which this is of value are:

    • Corporate Leaders
    • Human Resources
    • Management
    • Team Leaders
    • Developers
    • Etc.

Course goal

Once you complete this training, you master one of the most important frameworks and tools that are key to effectively applying Scrum in your organization. Managing ‘work’ will be a piece of cake, as you have learnt:

    • The values and principles
    • How to structure Kanban
    • Do’s and don’ts from the field
    • Identify and solve workflow bottlenecks
    • How to derive value in disruptive environments
    • KPI’s
    • The importance of a board


A summary of the topics:

    • Agile frameworks
    • The aim
    • The values
    • Lean principles and “waste”
    • The factory game
    • Why Kanban
    • Set-up of boards
    • Roles
    • Lead time and cycle time
    • Little’s law
    • Diagrams
    • Questions from the field:
          • Kanban and retrospectives?
          • Kanban versus Scrum
          • A team’s learning phases
          • The transition towards Scrum
        • Story Points?
        • Q & A

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